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Whitefriars Glass - Glacier Range by Geoffrey Baxter

Thought it might be helpful to have a separate thread for the 1971 Glacier range designed by Geoffrey Baxter. 10oz Tumblers (Pattern M33) Footed Sundae Dishes (Pattern M146) 2 pint Water Jug (Pattern M33) 1

Confirmation ID please Whitefriars Volcano vase = ID: Whitefriars 9717

I bought this vase today and think that is Whitefriars Volcano pattern in Meadow Green. 18 cms tall x 10 cms wide at base x 5.5 cms wide at rim. Confirmation (or otherwise ) would be appreciated. Thanks John

Whitefriars style Harlequin Tumblers

it has been brought to my attention that these may not be Whitefriars. perhaps we could have a debate?

UK - A Window on Whitefriars - GA EVENT - 7TH JULY**

The Glass Association is holding a special event in Cambridge on Saturday 7th July focusing on Whitefriars glass and featuring presentations by various well known speakers. Charles Hajdamach will set the scene and talk about the Harry Powell years,

Any Whitefriars Dilly Duck experts in tonight?

I purchased this bronze coloured duck recently on Fleabay on the assumption that it was by Whitefriars but I am not now quite so sure. I still think it is but there are differences to the others I have owned in the past. The beak is short, the tail is in

Whitefriars Architectural Slab No.2

Architectural Slab No.2. Produced 1969-1970. These slabs seem to have been originally designed for use as panes or glass bricks in terribly funky windows - hence their name - but were listed in the catalogues as just decorative lumps o' glass. This

Whitefriars ID confirmation please = ID: Whitefriars 9613 Knobbly Bowl

I am fairly certain that I have correctly Id'd this piece but would appreciate confirmation if possible. I believe it to be Whitefriars Knobbly Bowl pattern 9613 in either aqua or sea green. It is 5 1/2 inches diameter x 2 1/2 inches tall. Thanks John

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