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Spotlight ... Whitecross.

The Spotlight band of this time is Whitecross.We all know songs of Whitecross."In The Kingdom", and the thouching "Walk With Me."Famous are the guitar solo's of Rex Carroll.Rex belongs to the best christian guitarists.Do you

Pics from Skull Fest 2013 (InnerSiege, X-Sinner, Whitecross)

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Letter7, Whitecross

I discovered Letter7 in 07 and became an instant fan of their music. I've had a hard time keeping up with them. There seems to be limited information out there on them. The last I read that they were working on a new cd. There doesnt seem to be any new

Whitecross 1987

I really like this album. I think it was well done and the sound is fantastic. One of the best Christian Albums released in the last few years in my opinion and Definitely Whitecross's best. I am really glad they went back and rerecorded these songs and

Whitecross interview.

Whitecross interview

The Whitecross song title game.

I'm asking you today" to start a thread about music we all like.Any ideas?

Whitecross ballads

What is your favorite Whitecross ballad? (of those listed...I tried to get all the ones I know about!)

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