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Treatment for anxiety during fireworks season

My Vet has suggested a combination of phenobarbitone and propanolol for Harry to take starting today as a nearby Pub has 2 firework displays on Saturday night. Harry is terrified of fireworks and other loud noises and unlike my other dogs who used t

How does your dog react to fireworks?

How does your dog react to fireworks?


Fireworks Fireworks are enjoyed year-round by people but can be a source of fear for many animals. It doesn’t have to be that way though, so don’t ignore the problem. Seek advice from your vet who will if necessary, be able to refer you to a


Rocky is currently going berzerk at the local firework display. They are so noisy. I don't mind the firework at all, it's just the noise that seems to get to him. Any ideas on what I could do to calm him? Have already tried ignoring him but that

fireworks reply

Hi ive had 2 replies to the firework question the problem is they havent appeared tried all sorts to try find them.Im just thinking that it could be a problem with my lap top Delete your 'cookies' its on the bottom of the home page (no I don't


Hi that time of the year will be here again soon.Firework going of from oct to way past nov.My old boy and my little jess are terified of them they puff and pant and follow me all over the house shaking.And it can start to become a bit annoying.Milly may


Can you get tablets to calm or sedate a puppy ? Just someone has let fireworks off and Bruno freaked out by barking like mad. and now he's just walking about the lounge.

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