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SusaHumor Forum - to discuss the humour of Susan Boyle

A forum for those who want to celebrate the humour of Susan Boyle, and have some fun in a relaxed forum environment!

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SusaHumor on twitter!

SusaHumor M&G (with DJG!)

Yes, we can and do have our own Meet & Greets and we didn't even need 'permission' from anyone!

SusaHumor forum 1 year...

It's our great pleasure to announce that today this forum is 1 year old, and still going strong. No, better... actually we have only started. Many thanks to DJG for creating it, to all the members for their contributions and the friendship, and to

SusaHumor Representative Denies Meet-and-Greet Rumors

The popular Susan Boyle fan forum known as SusaHumor would like to make clear that any rumors about membership Meet-and-Greets are complete bollocks and total crap. Among other shocking accusations, members of SusaHumor are purported by Horses of a

The Downfall of Elsewhere

Fandom rivalries. Gotta love 'em. Note: This is a work of parody and satire, which constitutes Fair Use and is a protected form of free speech.

SusaHumor Raffle!

Yes, it's raffle time here at SusaHumor with no end of crappy 'prizes' up for grabs! Entering is easy. You need to have posted no fewer than 8 million 'tribute videos' in the past 3 days, or 12 million 'Excellent Post' posts, or told me how much yo

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