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High rack and cooking times

Hi all, as of yesterday I am a HO owner (12 Ltr size ). Got it from Dyas at half price so not too much of a gamble. Unfortunately it doesn't come with a high rack so question number 1 is how high is a high rack? Also Much of the publicity for these

4 tier audio rack (new)

Brand new 4 tier audio rack. Complete with 4pcs black MDF board (not shown in picture). Only black colour available. Selling at price is RM350.00/set. Please contact 017-207 1500 (harry). Location at Campbell shopping complex.

Classic I Pro series Hi-fi Rack (Sold)

Classic I Pro series Hi-fi Rack in good condition. each tier using spike. Actual picture. Very cheap. Price RM100 (Sold) Delivery can be arranged. Call Sham at 017-6562 666

K&NWLR: A rack railway extension line seemed like a good idea at the time ...

Back again after a long absence. In the meantime, I´ve been doing any number of things on the K&WNR, most of them probably in the category of "random improvements". But I have started to design a rack railway section to the railway. I´ll try to upload a


Part #'s 19172091 19158717 17802990 Fits 2007 to current Sierra's and Silverado's. All hardware included. Removed from a "trade-in" Gm retail is $1248.00 looking for $500.00

Voyager rack

For sale up my way, seems like a great price, I may buy it, not sure yet. Anybody else want it?

DIY hifi rack

Anybody here tried building their own hifi rack? Care to share? Regards to share, my 'masterpiece'- 2 mdf, 4 long screws & 16 nuts & washers

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