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Savage lures

bought some of these lures and took them out today did nothing on them but was most impressed with the action even on slow retrive swam well. anybody else had much luck on these

Savage Lures

Following the earlier post on these lures im wondering how people have go on with them over the past few months, i have a dirty roach freestyler and a 19cm blue silver 4 play and so far only had 1 fish on each with plenty of follows too. Last time i wa

Abu HI LO lures

Any thoughts or user reviews on the range of Abu HI LO one piece and two piece jointed lures. Depth use and patterns etc...? I have eight or nine of them (in pretty good nick) in the bottom of my tackle box but never really use them as I feel their rather

Cheap lures

Theres a shop near me called Boyes there's a few dotted around the country, they sell allsorts of stuff including fishing gear, I got some 13cm lures they are £1.50 each I dont know how strong the hooks are but they are sharp, even if you changed

Troublemaker lures

Why do they resell for so much money? are they not made anymore or something? just curious

Tarty lures

i know of at least one lure snob on here, but are there any others go on what are the really expensive baits you love, recently ive discovered bikini baits and am trying to track down the old wood versions any other fave lure builders oh wonder

lures for chub?

do any of you fish for chub useing lures?if so what lures do you find best?

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