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The Mythology world of Goddesses

The Mythology world of Goddesses

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Does anyone else have this game? What are your characters? Mine's a Nord close combat specialist. This game is so fun.

SSBB screenshots.

I'm kinda surprised this hasn't been made yet. Yeah, from what I've experienced, this kind of topic usually gets frowned upon, but that's because it's been remade over and over... Anyway, since one hasn't been made here yet, I thought I'd start one.

Tales of Alidaire: The Corruption Profiles

If you're playing Tales of Alidaire: The Corruption, then this will be where you keep up with your profiles and can see your Inventory, Enemy Profiles, and other such stuff. =3 Current Inventory Potion x5 (Recovers 20 HP upon use) Hi-Potion x11

Advancing Electronically-Realized Information Singularity, A.E.R.I.S.

REAL NAME: Advancing Electronically-Realized Information Singularity CODENAME/ALIAS: A.E.R.I.S. ALTERNATE NAME(S)/NICKNAME(S)/TITLE(S): The Dark Singularity, Cybernetic Divinity, Transcendent Intellect, Machine Goddess, Dark Lady of Cyberspace, That

Wolfman-Als artworks

Oh well, I think I can start a thread abiout my attempts at art here aswell. First we have a pic I just finished about an hour ago, a growing giantess pic with Velma and Daphne from Scooby Doo (I added Daphne so that my unnatural fixation on Velma isnĀ“

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