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Problem Parrots

A community to help and educate parrot owners

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Problem parrots meeting february 2011

problem parrots has held a meeting the minuets have been posted in a private part of the forum. If you would like a copy of the notes then please email me

Problem Parrots Day out 23rd April

problem Parrots are going to be meeting for a day out at TROPICAL BIRD LAND!!!EVERY ONE WELCOME

Help problem parrots

We are a new organisation and we need your helpwe need safe houses for the parrots and welfare officers to cover areas for full info please just drop me an email are birds coming in and they need you xxxx

Hello everyone

I am from cornwall in the uk its a quiet place to live, stunning woodlands and beaches. Owned by a 14 year old congo grey and 2 alexandrine parakeets.My grey is a good talker and comes out with all different words and sounds, he makes up his own

Large Java Tree for sale.

I have a large Java Tree for sale in very good condition perfect for a macaw or two. Before I put measurement and photos on here need to see if any interest as location might be a problem, I am on Anglesey North Wales.

Our fish tank, to make room for parrots :) ebay right now, but would take offers, need the space AND the money lol

Problem parrots meet up

Now the year is nearly over I think we should plan a meet up for 2013Somewhere central, somewhere birdie, somewhere fun

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