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gathering of legendary great men.

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Racks & Beards

Your online destination for discussing Whitetail Deer & Wild Turkey hunting across the United States.

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Splinter racks

When I first saw splinter racks, it was love at first sight. Twin-linking a squad's guns? Why would you not? Recently, though, I've become less enthusiastic about them. I simply don't find myself in situations where I want my raiders to move 6" or

A couple chest racks - MayFlower & Eagle Rhodesian

Picked these up this week....What model is the Mayflower?MZ

Are Splinter Racks Twin linked or not?

So now that we can move and shoot from our gunboats, I've been toying with splinter racks. I like many have always assumed they are twinlinked; that is to say reroll your misses. However in reading the description of both the twin linked USR and splinter

What/Where: Grisly Trophy & Splinter Racks (Vehicle Upgrade), Lance (Weapon Descriptor/Rule)

Grisly Trophy & Splinter Racks (Vehicle Upgrade), Lance (Weapon Descriptor/Rule)I've read through the Dark Eldar Codex and I can't find a description for these rules/upgrades.I've read through the Big Rule Book (6th edition) and I probably misse

Splinter Racks and related questions

A couple of related questions:1) What are peoples' opinions on Splinter Racks? I've been taking them, but I find my raiders rarely survive long enough to allow their occupants to make use of the racks for more than 1 turn of shooting (if that). Has

Splinter Racks, dubious hidden mobility upgrade?!

Now stick with me for a second, I may be reading this wrong and please feel free to mock me if I am. The idea is only situational at best anyway.Moving 12" in a skimmer means the passengers may only snapfire. 6's to hit.Chuck in splinter Racks,

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