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Dhirana 2015 Board Update Forum

Whenever you have an update, post it here. Remember, once every two weeks in the summer and EVERY week once school starts! or you can just say hey.

#dhirana, #2015, #board, #update, #forum, #whenever, #have, #post, #here, #remember, #once, #every, #weeks, #summer, #week, #school, #starts! or, #just

Exit Path Levelmakers

New ep forum. May be temporary or permanent depending on how things play out. All are welcome. I'm not sure if all the levels are gone, but I have all the ones that were there a few weeks ago backed u

#exit, #path, #levelmakers, #forum, #temporary, #permanent, #depending, #things, #play, #welcome, #sure, #levels, #gone, #have

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Test time....another cardiac cath

I'm scheduled in about a week for another cardiac cath. This will be the 11th cath in total, and 9th heart cath. Looks like I have a decent blockage or two in my left coronary artery branch, including left anterior decending. My cardio is on vacation

Oxy vs. vicoden

I fell on New Year's Eve and really did a number on my back again. The Dr's offices were closed of course, and right now I don't have an extra $700 for an ER visit, so I doubled up on my vicoprofen (I took 2 instead of 1) Tuesday I went and saw the

Hello, Im also new.. My Migraine Story

Hi, I just stumbled upon this site and thought I would post. Maybe my migraine story will be of interest to someone and maybe also helpful. I just turned 52 and have been having migraines since the age of 17 (yuck I can remember the very first one).

THREE weeks since Tone was served...

with the notice from Ed Smethurst, which he made a great show of saying he'd opened on 16 August after his holidays. According to here, Tone can ask for the usual 14 day window to prepare his defence to be extended to 28

Under Construction: 1 week , 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 1 month, 2 month etc...

how to put my forum that is under construction for a week. I made the choice but only for a day and then opened.

Home alone for two weeks!

Yesterday morning my family started on their journey to Kenya. They won't be there yet, since it takes about 22 hours on the plane, plus time for stop-overs. I had a very difficult weekend, seeing them get ready to leave. And then, my aunt, who has

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