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DarkCoderz este prima scoala virtuala in care inveti WebDesign

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Colin Bannon Cartoonist Services - freelance cartoonist for hire

Colin BAnnon - The Horsies The Horsies is a blog kept by Colin Bannon, covering the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election, and other related politics. Cartoons from this blog have appeared on websites and in newspapers, and have a small but growing

Hiya I'm Ric Lumb - freelance cartoonist and games artist

Hi there, I'm Ric, a cartoonist and games artist from Leeds, England, UK. I thought it would be cool to check out forums to show what I'm up to and have some fun entering competitions/jams. You can also find me on twitter @cartoonsbyRic and I hav

New aspiring cartoonist

Hi all, I've just started scribbling in my spare time. Actually not even scribbling, just using some free software. I feel somewhat intimidated being among all the professional artists (and very good amateurs) here, but I figured I might as well get on

Back after 10 years... need cartoonist advice.

I'm new to the forum. Here is my story... In my youth I was inspired by "The Far Side" and "Ziggy" to become a cartoonist. I worked hard and perfected my craft. At first I was only published on my refrigerator. But eventually I got

Tony Kinnard - Cartoonist and Illustrator

Tony Kinnard - Cartoonist and Illustrator I switch on and off between digital and traditional. I'm fairly adept at both, even doing a lot of work with a hybrid approach, though I like inking traditionally a lot more. I love doing cartoons and

Cartoonist from Austin, TX- creator of web cartoon 'Alien and Dog'

My name is Ryan, and I love looking at other cartoonists' work and creations as well as sharing my own. I have been doing a cartoon called 'Alien and Dog' now for a couple years, which can be seen here at It can be foun

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