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ONE PIECE chords

Here you go boys and girls. Might not be 100% perfect but should be good enough for campfires. Enjoy! Spoiler: intro C#m B A verse E A E A Ebm7 Ab C#m B F# Am rpt verse pre

[request] Metronome tabs / chords

I really want to find  tabs or chords for this song  I liked this song very much Please, help to find

SCANDAL - Kagen No Tsuki chords

SCANDAL - Kagen No Tsuki Spoiler: Intro: F#m * F#m E B C# F#m E B C# F#m 1st verse: F#m B C# F#m B C# F#m B C# F#m B C# Bridge: D F- F#m B D A B C# Reff: F# D#m B C# D C# B B/A# G#m C# D E F#m Back to Intro: F#m* 2nd

Aitai easy chords

this is my own work on aitai w/ just the basic chords this covers most of the rhythm and baseline made easier if ur just a beginner on guitar hope this help those who wants to play the song. HELP: CHORDS WITHOUT LINE IN BETWEEN: QUICK SHIFT TO THE

Future Chords and Tabs

Just finished this today. There might be some mistakes but I will just edit it when I get back on it. For the meantime, hope this works. Code: FUTURE - SCANDAL ----------------------------------------------------------------- Tabbed

Request Rogue no dengon guitar tabs and chords

I love this song so can someone please transcribe it?

Nai Nai Night 2014 Chords

Nai Nai Night 2014 SCANDAL Lyrics & Composition: TOMOMI Key: D major (tad odd...) Spoiler: Chorus:  D G A D D G A D Bridge*:  C D C D  C D C D  Verse:  D F D A D F D A Chorus:  D G A D D G A D Bridge*:  C D C D  C D C

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