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Resurrection band

I was at a thrift store and bought some whiteheart and Rez cassettes for 50 cents. I already had a couple of Rez albums but this band just rocks. One of my favorites right now. Any other fans?

LAST HEAVEN guitar tab

Found this when looking for tabs for LAST HEAVENCouldn't find anything more extensive than this.This one is someone playing the whole song, but without the tabs written down. If anyone could tab it out by watching this that'd be great! otherwise

Anyone here ever see The original stooges?

I just wrote a big long thing about seeing them at the Boston Teaparty in 1969 in Boston, MA opening for Ten Years After but I lost it trying to put a link in it. To make it short, 99% of the audience hated them and most of what I just read in the book

[Pagan Folk] Faun - Zaubersprüche [English]

Faun - Zaubersprüche | Magic Spells1. Bean Sidhes2. Rani3. Nechein Man | Nobody4. Das Schloss am Meer | The Castle Near The Sea5. Par Veneris | The Goddess' Companion6. Tempus Transit | Time Goes By7. Des Wassermanns Weib | The Aquarius'

Joanna chords tekst

Coud someone meybe give me chords and tekst for Joanna ; plice. Ralf

Dog, No Fun, 1969, Cool Time - Iggy & Ron

Probably incomplete and partially incorrect, but here's what I wrote about the late 1968/early 1969 tunes. I think Paul has more complete info - PerAt the time of the signing, the band didn’t have enough material to fill up an album since they normall

Avven - Kastalija

Introduction:Kastalija is the second album from the Slovenian band AVVEN. The album is made of 10 tracks:01. Zmaji02. Ros03. Nuala 04. Vvile05. Ibo06. Tarak07. Hej Ti! 08. Spain 09. L.78 10. TornachLyrics can be

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