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Dog, No Fun, 1969, Cool Time - Iggy & Ron

Probably incomplete and partially incorrect, but here's what I wrote about the late 1968/early 1969 tunes. I think Paul has more complete info - PerAt the time of the signing, the band didn’t have enough material to fill up an album since they normall

Newsboys - God is Not Dead

So Newsboys just put up the pre-orders for the new album a short time ago and it turns out it's going to be a worship album. Some of them are recognizable, some aren't covered very often, and others are originals. Here's the tracklisting:Quote:1. Th

[Pagan Folk] Faun - Zaubersprüche [English]

Faun - Zaubersprüche | Magic Spells1. Bean Sidhes2. Rani3. Nechein Man | Nobody4. Das Schloss am Meer | The Castle Near The Sea5. Par Veneris | The Goddess' Companion6. Tempus Transit | Time Goes By7. Des Wassermanns Weib | The Aquarius'

Avven - Kastalija

Introduction:Kastalija is the second album from the Slovenian band AVVEN. The album is made of 10 tracks:01. Zmaji02. Ros03. Nuala 04. Vvile05. Ibo06. Tarak07. Hej Ti! 08. Spain 09. L.78 10. TornachLyrics can be

Joanna chords tekst

Coud someone meybe give me chords and tekst for Joanna ; plice. Ralf

Anyone here ever see The original stooges?

I just wrote a big long thing about seeing them at the Boston Teaparty in 1969 in Boston, MA opening for Ten Years After but I lost it trying to put a link in it. To make it short, 99% of the audience hated them and most of what I just read in the book

Resurrection band

I was at a thrift store and bought some whiteheart and Rez cassettes for 50 cents. I already had a couple of Rez albums but this band just rocks. One of my favorites right now. Any other fans?

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