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Prince and other funk chords, tabs & music discussion.

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Ultimate-Ukulele :: Tabs, Chords, Techniques ect.

The ultimate forum to learn to play ukulele and discuss ukulele!

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The Truth (Acoustic) Guitar Chords

I was talking to my guitar teacher about figuring out the chords to this song. The guitar is in some weird tuning, judging by the video, but I kept my guitar in standard tuning (EADGBE). So, uh, here's as close as we could get:For everything except th

Luke Harmony - Vocal Chords : UK Garage Mix

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=AQH40AIT Tracklist01 Sadi Ama Feat. Kano - So Sure02 Delinquent Feat. Kcat - My Destiny03 Artful Dodger Feat. Romina Johnson - Moving Too Fast04 Danny Weed Vs Whitney - It Not Creeper But It’s Ok05 Sunship

Question about Bar-ba-sol chords

Does anyone have them? Or have them figured out yet? Coz i would love to start playing the song on my guitar!Just let me know!

Iggy's Retirement Plan...A Laundromat !

No one in their right mind would have believed that the Stooges would be sharing the same stage again after imploding at a refurbished Detroit theater 33 years ago, let alone recording "The Weirdness," the very-late-in-coming follow-up to 1973's

Tabs for 'open up & bleed'?

my working out is Em, G, D then im lost..... not even sure if thats right. anyone got any suggestions?

Joanna chords tekst

Coud someone meybe give me chords and tekst for Joanna ; plice. Ralf

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