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Future Chords and Tabs

Just finished this today. There might be some mistakes but I will just edit it when I get back on it. For the meantime, hope this works.Code:FUTURE - SCANDAL-----------------------------------------------------------------Tabbed

SCANDAL - Koe Chords

SCANDAL - KoeLyrics: Ryota Yanagisawa Music: Ryota YanagisawaAm/F & C/C#:Intro:F Bb 2x1st verse:F Bb Am/F BbDm C Bb Am Gm CF Bb Am/F BbDm C Bb Am Gm CBridge:Bb C Dm AmBb C DmBb C Dm AmBb C FReff:Bb C Am BbBb C

ONE PIECE chords

Here you go boys and girls. Might not be 100% perfect but should be good enough for campfires. Enjoy!Spoiler:introC#mBAverseEAEAEbm7AbC#mBF#Amrpt versepre

The Truth (Acoustic) Guitar Chords

I was talking to my guitar teacher about figuring out the chords to this song. The guitar is in some weird tuning, judging by the video, but I kept my guitar in standard tuning (EADGBE). So, uh, here's as close as we could get:For everything except th

Aitai easy chords

this is my own work on aitai w/ just the basic chordsthis covers most of the rhythm and baselinemade easier if ur just a beginner on guitarhope this help those who wants to play the song.HELP: CHORDS WITHOUT LINE IN BETWEEN: QUICK SHIFT TO THE

Nai Nai Night 2014 Chords

Nai Nai Night 2014SCANDALLyrics & Composition: TOMOMIKey: D major (tad odd...)Spoiler:Chorus: D G A DD G A DBridge*: C D C D C D C D Verse: D F D AD F D AChorus: D G A DD G A DBridge*: C D C D C D C

Satisfaction Chords

Satisfaction Chords by Scandal(paste into Notepad for best view)C(#5)E----x----B----x----G----5----D----6----A----3----E----x----IntroEb C(#5) Ab x 4Eb Eb C# C C# C F Ab x 4VerseEbDb EbEb Db C(#5) Bb AbEb Gb Db

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