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An un-officall forum for Nerf gun fans in New Zealand but also around the world! We disscuss anything about new guns, nerf wars, tactics, reviews and everything in between!

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[Discussion] Time Elixir as Currency

I'm wanting to ask/discuss why time elixirs are being used as currency during this time. I've played the game for several months now, and I find it frustrating that people are only/mostly accepting Time Elixirs for currency.Time elixirs do not hold a

Card Base Value (using point system)

New trading system for players fair trade no more lowball offer or scammer.PT(Point-base Trading)- A new system develop by my ally (Anonymous). For fair trading. Point base consider relative value and stats. This is for card to card trading. Te/po

Time Elixir (P) and Potion(P)

I guess there goes the currency.I am new to this game and it's pretty noticeable that my benefit to the trade currency items are gone. So now, are we switching to using maxed cards as the next currency?

Quick way to gain Luna and Time Elixirs???

Hey guys...I don't know if I'm supposed to post this in the "questions" forum, but...do any of you know a quick way to gain Luna? I mean, it seems like other players are gaining, like 125,000 Luna per day or something, and meanwhile I'm actually

6★ Loki, Adamas, Ridill, Lys | 5★ WW, Liz Units & Monsters

Units for sale and auction.  If you want to bid on items I have for auction, please visit me at Fantasitrade: http://ftrde.com/?x=Danaerys836★Adamas (115/140)Aquaria (fresh)Beatrix (120/140)Chiara (fresh)Dorothea (fresh)Isis

The Devil's Elixir

I review Khoury's latest at http://braytonsbookbuzz.wordpress.com/

Whats a time elixir (P)?

I just got a time elixir (P) from the event. How does this differ to the normal time elixirs?Is this one worth more or expires after the event or something?Thanks a lot.

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