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Always A Tiger

A place for Detroit Tigers Fans to learn and talk about their Favorite Baseball Team, as well as just enjoy other fan's company.

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Brasil - 14/08/2009 Wagner Bortolato v Márcio Barboza 110kg class

Martin Laird for 2012 Ryder Cup?

An artical in the local press today. Martin Laird is targetting the 2012 Ryder Cup. I assume last years world ranking points did not count as he was not a member of the ET, but his points at the weekend for 2nd place put him at 40th in the world ranking

1915 cracker jack honus wagner

So I have recently aquired a 1915 Cracker Jack Honus Wagner card. It is in excellent condition but from doing research I found the back should be upside down which mine is not. I'm wondering if some experts could tell me if it's fake or not. I can provide

Ashley Wagner

Been browsing the other skaters section and did not find any thread about her so I made this. Since she transferred to Mr Nicks she's improved a lot and has been on the upswing winning nationals and finally placing high in competitions. She's growing in

Thank you Mr Postman!!

My new baby! Inspired by Darren Clark and Martin Laird.

New Wagner find

Wagner find

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