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Hoodoo Voodoo Lounge Message Board

Hoodoo Voodoo Lounge, Brian Setzer Fans. Hoodoo Voodoo Lounge Message Board

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The Spell Underground

Listings of various voodoo spells, reviews of spell casters and more

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The Voodoo Formation

Since I haven't played any games here yet, I was wondering what the local opinion is of manoeuvres such as the Voodoo Formation? For those who may not have heard of it, that's the idea that two interleaved units provide mutual cover saves to each other

Mamma Bo'Querie (Voodoo Witch Player Character)

Name: Madam Bo'Querie (prefers to be called Madam Bo) Title: Madam Bo', The Voodoo Master, Mama Bo Alignment: Karma Follower/Renegade/Chaotic Good/Good Renagade Age: Definitely between 80-100. Some claim she is 142 though. She might be old, but

Vanity the "crazy voodoo expert"

And she's a cute one eh? Moving on... Probably the best of Vanity so far.

Miss Lochness, available for Voodoo and what have you...

Funnily enough, people actually like my simself. After a couple of requests, here she is for you all, for your voodoo practices or whatever Note: I GIMP'ed these images. Naughty I know. This is my simself and I should be allowed to edit my own fugliness.

Ork Voodoo Krewe

My Ork Squad is going to have a swampy/bayou and voodoo theme to it. Making generous use of Malifaux bases for the Officers, and a more back-to-nature paint scheme. Meet da boyz: The top Ork, Klaw Daddy (Nob): His right-hand man, er, Ork, Doktor

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