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Project- Gamer X

Welcome to Project - Gamer "X". We're a group dedicated to many projects. These vary from different ideas to the many people who collaborate with us. For those just visiting, I hope you enjoy.

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Free forum : Support the Mccanns

Free forum : Help support the Mccann family from the persistent media abuse we witness daily. thank you for visiting.

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DB Short Films Forum

Free forum : Thank you for visiting the DB Short Films forum!

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Visiting a sickly aunt [LIKE, PRIVATE]

Connor Chambers"Do you know something else that knows nothing about mercy? Water."The boy that can ride the waves without a surfboardConnor sat silently under Thalia's pine tree, his back against the trunk. His green-eyed gaze looked

SCANDAL visiting CD stores while on their STANDARD tour

Now that the STANDARD tour has started, it looks like for each city the girls are visiting CD stores close by to the venues.10/22 @ Tower Records Kanazawa:

Visiting Friends

Hi, My friend has an Ipad 1 and with the new update she can not visit anyone. The game crashes.My other friend has an ipad 2 and hers takes a while to visit and only sometimes crashes.I have an ipad 3 and mine does not crash but takes for ever to

Visiting Ole Lousiana (PRIVATE)

A rather unusual woman was seen walking through the streets of New Orleans. She was 6 feet 2 inches tall, had long silver hair pulled back into a ponytail, porcelain-colored pale skin and magenta colored eyes. She wore a white tanktop, black boots, long

How to send a gift when visiting a friend when it is not displayed on their wish list:

Decide what you want to send after viewing your friends collection.  Go to Gifts/Send Collection - This brings up YOUR Collection items!Carefully scroll through your list until you find the gift. Hit Send.   Only one (1) of that item can & will

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