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[trigonocephalus] orange trigons

Am I making this up or is there an orange phase of Trimeresurus trigonocephalus? I think(?) I saw a picture of one a few years back but cannot seem to locate it anymore. Has anyone ever heard of these and possibly know where I can find a picture?

Few of my treasured A. squamigera

In 2006 my passion for this species was renewed, thanks to a litter of 14 which had two remarkable babies in it. One was black & white, the other one black & yellow. Neither of the parents had any black on them. The b/w male, or "0601",

Parias mcgregori, first attempt

In order not to interrupt Mario's story (i think the story is'nt finished and he will tell us a something more about his successful breedings), I'm opening a new Thread for my own breeding "experiments". First 2 pictures showing pre-mating behaviour; I

Some pictures of my viperidae

Vipera latastei gaditana Male Female, that uses its tail to attract prey Vipera ammodytes ruffoi, males Vipera ammodytes ammodytes Females Males Vipera ammodytes gregorwallneri Male, behind you can

New Member and Genus of the ,,green Pivipers from SE Asia,,

A New Member of the ,,grenn Pitvipers,, from SE Asia is discribed. New Taxa and new Genus You can find the Article on the Site from ZOOTAXA. Zootaxa 2918: 1–14 (14 Jun. 2011) 7 plates; 36 references

Trimeresurus borneensis mistake

Here is another Trimeresurus puniceus from my collection. A female and i bought her as a Trimeresurus borneensis. With a friend of my (Dick Visser) i drove for more then 10 hours just to pick here up. Before that i only saw a few pictures of her. The

Atheris mabuensis

The new Atheris (Mount Mabu Forest Viper, Atheris mabuensis Branch & Baylis, 2009) has now been described. I have the pdf if anyone is interested. Maybe Mario will allow it to be uploaded onto the site if anyone wants it.

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