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REALLY love KISS? I mean REALLY *LOVE* KISS, if you do. this is your place! Express your carnal desires for the band here! 3

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Final Fantasy Faithful

A stat based final fantasy play by post rpg.

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DOREEN VINCENT - 12 yo (1988) - Wallingford CT

Doreen Vincent disappeared from her father’s house in Wallingford June 15, 1988, never to be seen or heard from again. With no body and no evidence, police can’t say for certain who may have been responsible for the 12-year-old’s disappearance. On


I did try to find the original thread, but couldn"t. The Joanna Yeates murder trial discussion thread [color:5c22=#888]by Hardlinemarxist Vincent Tabak stands accused of the murder of 25 year-old Joanna Yeates. Joanna Clare

Ke'MELLO WARFIELD - 5 Months - Saginaw MI

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children classified a 5-month-old Saginaw baby as endangered and missing. The baby, Ke'Mello Warfield, has been missing since Nov. 29, according to the group's website. Authorities say Ke'Mello may

BRIDGET SWARTZ - 17 yo - Cape Vincent NY

CAPE VINCENT, N.Y. -- State police are searching for a missing Cape Vincent teenager. Bridget Swartz, 17, was supposed to take a Greyhound bus from Batavia to Watertown Wednesday, but police believe that Swartz never switched buses in Syracuse.

Vincent 'Vinny' Derrick missing in UK

Age at disappearance: 28 Vincent, known as Vinny, has been missing since the early hours of 30 August 2003 following a night out in Manchester. Vinny went to the Jabez Clegg night club on Dover Street, near the University of Manchester with work

VINCENT HILL - 19 Months (2010) - North Newton KS

North Newton KS ---- Authorities said this morning they have arrested a man on suspicion of murder in connection with the death of a 19-month-old boy. Authorities stopped short of calling the death a homicide, instead calling it a

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