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Peoples Capitalist Liberation Front

An EvE online corporation witha a mission to the repossession of all wealth stolen by collectivists for immedaite redistribution through the free market system.

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Stolen iPad

I just wanted to let all my lovely friends know that I've not abandoned you, my iPad was stolen from the house a couple of nights ago so I haven't been able to play, I have another iPad now but I'm waiting for GI to register my game with this iPad. Missin

$1,800 worth of things were stolen from house! (PS3 and games included!)

This recently happened, and since my brother knows who did it. It made me think of this song. I can only promise that their pain and suffering will be endless. Five minutes alone with any them is a dream >:).

Stolen items

how probable is to get the armor & power talon to get stolen by felynes?


US Marine has medals and Uniform stolen Keep an eye out! The stolen items included two computers, photographic gear and one of Stoeckel's uniforms. But they also included his medals and a specially made patch depicting Stoeckel with his best

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