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I see that this site has many emoticons. How do you add them? Like moving? I don't know if this is right place. I have a feeling it isn't but could someone move it if it isn't? And please answer my question.

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Official mode for phpbb3

Smilies / Emoticons

Smilies / Emoticons What is a Smiley? A Smiley, or emoticon, is a little picture that expresses an emotion. With that, you can illustrate what you say in a forum Can I forbid the use of smileys in messages? Yes, you can disable smileys by goin


Emoticons Hello all. Been working on some emoticons. They're a lot like my other ones (if you saw them) but they still are signifigantly different. I hope everyone likes them. :| :drip: or T.T :cool: or B) :o

Better way to delete emoticons.

I have been working for 2 days now to delete my emoticons ... wouldnt it be easier if we can just click on the emoticons we want to delete or add an option so we can add multiple emoticons at the same time?

More emoticons

I think that it could be a very good idea to be able to add more than 150 emoticons. I added a lot emoticons on my forum, but I still have more that I would like to add, but I already reached the limit. Therefore I think it would be a good idea to extend

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