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Roleplay versus Rollplay

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Premiere Hockey League

The best 6 versus 6 online NHL 14 Hockey League.

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Hajime no Ippo

Wondering if anyone reads this? Since as of late the story arc is bringing the main character into the world rankings and possibly giving him a world title shot this series has me pumped to see whats about to happen. Not to mention a side character is

Warriors versus Policemen

In memory of the Brave Policemen present in Zululand in 1879. The ultimatum to Cetewayo expired on the11th January 1879, and as no communication was received from him the invasion of Zululand was started. Four columns were formed, the third being the

Eve versus Lesbo Physics: The Game I have cursed you.

Dissrespect to Those above you.

It has come to usstans attention that lower ranked drow are using the rules of no fighting in the camp to speak ill of House Master Ranked Jabbuks and females. This will stop and it will stop now. As of this moment anyone lower ranked than usstan has

TEOTWAWKI: Bug Out - Interest Check

TEOTWAWKI = The End of the World as We Know It. In light of recent events, as well as events during this decade, I've really taken a look at large-scale disasters. Just from a few quick searches, I found a little more than a dozen truly large natural

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