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Terminal Velocity

Free forum : Full service archery proshop. Terminal Velocity

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Free forum : High Velocity Krew HVK

Free forum : A counter strike clan. Free forum : High Velocity Krew HVK

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Velocity Crew

SW, RC vC Clan

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Natural Velocity

Clan on Urban Terror

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Velocity Stacks

Im after something like this. copper or brass would be cool but im happy with steel and i'll let it rust. 38mm OD on my carbs Any one know where i could get them made without having a heartattack at the price? Woody?

Juggernaut High Velocity body armor

I placed an order yesterday after hours of research online. I am very happy I chose Juggernaut. Not only is it located in the PNW(Spokane) his customer service was fantastic. He didnt have the size I was looking for so he said he'd send me the next size

Air pressure vs velocity

If you have two air tanks, 1 with 90 psi and 1 with 150 psi but regulated to 90 psi at the outlet would the air velocity be the same for both tanks or would the 150 psi tank have more velocity because there is more pressure behind the regulator?

velocity stacks

hi does anybody use velocity stacks on cb 500 for better performance , i can make these and offer them to club members do they make a difference ive just made some for a triumph scrambler and the owner is well pleased ! let me know your thoughts . jon.

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