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Free forum : Cork Small Boats Festival

Free forum : Forum for the Cork Small Boats Festival

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Phoenix Kayak Club Forum

The Phoenix Kayak Club is based on the River Lee and is open to members of all ages and abilities.

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Reynolds Gate Residents

For all residents of Bassett House, Lawrie House, Batsford House, Reed House, Cork House and Stannard House.

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Flood alert for Cork city

  TIDAL FLOOD ALERT FOR CORK CITY Valid from Thursday 07 / 10 / 2010 to Monday 11 / 10 / 2010.   The natural cycle of High Tides for the following days is predicted for the times given below:   Friday 8th  October 2010 at 18.41 Saturday 9th Octobe

Cork v Kildare

After yesterday's shoot out how do we see this going. An away game automatically makes things more difficult, but we won there last year at the same stage so we playing there should hold no fears. A lot of changes down in Cork, with a good few of

How do I use the Cork Digitherm.

How do I use the Cork Digitherm. For my new Venue "Kho Rok Thailand" you should be able to handle the Cork Digi, as you will catch at the bottom of almost nothing. This can be dragging the bait by boat adjust well. I'll give you an exampl

Cork V Dublin

I know its a Kildare forum but surely people are interested in seeing who are potential opponents could be for the final. What are peoples thoughts on this game? I fancy Cork just. If Cork can do their best on Brogan,Dublin have very little thread as thei

Cork to Cobh Marathon Swim Sunday 23rd September

Hi Folks, Fergus Galvin has been in touch asking for assistance with this swim again this year. Please be aware this is not a formal club supported swim but club members experienced in both swim rescues and distance sea kayaking may want to consider

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