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House of Night

Where the Vampyres and Vampyre Fledglings live!

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Lucknow University Forum | Date sheet Exam Scheme Results Update 2012

This is unofficial help forum for Lucknow University. Lucknow university exam scheme, lucknow university b. com result, lucknow university b. ed admission, lucknow university scheme

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Visionary Vampyres DVD - Nosferatu

I've really missed out on purchasing the above DVD and they have sold out, im trying my best to find a copy but not having much luck at all. I have tired and doing a general search on yahoo but im coming up with ziltch. Can anyone else

RPing Your Character Sheet

This is a reminder from the staff that players are only allowed to RP things that appear on their character sheets. We do not permit PCs to RP having tails, wings, gills, or any other unsupported character additions. This kind of RP will result in a

Blank Sheet[Hunt/Lupin Private]

It was cold. Huntario spent some of the last money he had for a coffee and it was served cold. He sighed and sat back on the wooden bench. Huntario sat in a nearly empty alley between a cafe and some other building he wasn't sure about. Huntario watched a

Character Sheet Setup

On your Profile Page there are many fields for you to fill out information about yourself. On the last tab of your profile is a Character Sheet. Use that to tell everything there is to know about your character. First, activate the Character Sheet and it

How do we become Vampyres/Fledglings/High Council ect?

These are usergroups on the Site. Vampyres and Fledglings : This has changed with the revampment. Now as your rank changes so does your usergroup. This will allow all members to have different colors. Now you start out as a Human then move up to a Blue

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