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House of Night

Where the Vampyres and Vampyre Fledglings live!

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How do we become Vampyres/Fledglings/High Council ect?

These are usergroups on the Site. Vampyres and Fledglings : This has changed with the revampment. Now as your rank changes so does your usergroup. This will allow all members to have different colors. Now you start out as a Human then move up to a Blue

~Vampyric Awakenings~ HON Fanfic

~Vampyric Awakenings~ HON Fanfic Disclaimer: I do NOT in any way, shape, or form own either the HON series or the Fledgling Handbook by P.C. Cast and Kim Doner. Neither do I make any profit off of this fanfiction. This is only intended as pure

Visionary Vampyres DVD - Nosferatu

I've really missed out on purchasing the above DVD and they have sold out, im trying my best to find a copy but not having much luck at all. I have tired and doing a general search on yahoo but im coming up with ziltch. Can anyone else

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