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(If you character didn't have a song, I used a quote. Otherwise, it was a title of a signature song. :3 Some had alternatives.. (*cough* Nate *cough*) and yes, I'm keeping them big.


Merry Christmas from Valtor Academy of Magic! What do you do for Christmas?

Valtor Dinning Menu

Valtor Academy of Magic is well known for its choices in food. All of the food is placed on the center of the tables with flags on them to describe their contents, except the make-your-own items. The make-your-own items are located on a separate table. An

Doing it again

What to draw, what to draw... Liliana thought as the paper in front of her remained blank. "How about people!" She said to no one in particular. She grabbed a colored pencil and began to sketch. Pretty soon after a half an hour of coloring, she had

Valtor Princesses

Lol this happened

Valtor Independence Day

JULY 5, 2011. The day Valtor was officially online. Valtor will be one year old next week. I'm at a loss at what to do for this wonderful "birthday." Does anyone have any lovely ideas? Break the record for most people online? Throw chatbox



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