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Illusion Vale

A place where writers go to make their visions come alive.

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Tears of the Vale

A Pathfinder Campaign based in a unique setting.

#tears, #vale, #pathfinder, #campaign, #based, #unique, #setting

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2381 Drummer James Keefe.

2381 Drummer James Keefe, Died 18th September 1893, Buried Ebbw Vale Cemetery, Momouthshire, (Unmarked) Photo provided with the kind permission of Andy Lee.

Ophidian Vale

ϴ℘♄☤∂ḯαᾔ Ṽαʟε "How long?" Tharan asked, his black scales glistening in the moonlight atop the large hill overlooking the valley. "Whenever she finds the key and gathers enough followers..." Satho said. The two blackish dragons looke

971 Pte Thomas Driscoll.

971 Pte Thomas Driscoll.died 20th June 1931, buried in Ebbw Vale municipal cemetery, the grave did have a headstone at some point but it is now possibly to be found in a pile of broken and disused headstones. The grave has been re-used. Photo

Wow Screenshots - Artistified!

Yes, that's right. I did make up a new word! xD I've recently started playing WoW again, and being someone who's creative and loves photography and editing photos, I'm really big into taking screenshots. I also enjoy editing those screenshots in

Don't Wake Me ☽Pick'n'Play ☾

Maern Clan [The Good] Name~ Agalia [Meaning bright joy] Age~ Ageless [ Appears to be in the early 20s in human years ] Gender~ Female Position~ Ranger [Scouts the area] Crush~ You choose Lover~ You choose Silbings~ You choose Offsprings~ You

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