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Maverick Speed Motorsports: A Forza Motorsport 4 Racing team.

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UnitThirteen - LowlifeCr♥ckWhores

UnitThirteen! ♥DBL6+Onewww. Unit-13. comCopyright © 2014

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Maverick Hunter Zero [Cancelado]

Les presento mi nuevo proyecto, el cual tenia pensado ya hace mucho tiempo pero no lo pude comenzar por falta de sprites, hasta que conseguí a alguien para que me ayudara y gracias a el pude comenzar este proyecto, mi idea para este char es que tenga

Team Maverick 99% English P3rd

Hey guysSorry if this is common knowledge but I thought I should stick it up here.I knew Team Maverick were working on an English patch for MHP3rd but I've just found out that they are 99% finished.They have only 1100 words left to translate

Maverick Hunter Zero Beta 0.5 by MGMNZX

Este es tan solo una beta para que puedan probar el char y vean que se podría mejorar y corregir, en si el char aun no esta completo ya que faltan muchas cosas, pero antes necesito su opinión para mejorar algunas cosas y quede al gusto de todos o de la

Maverick (new engine)

Maverickby Steve Maughan

Welcome to Maverick Speed Motorsports

What is Maverick Speed Motorsports?Maverick Speed Motorsports (MSM) is an international Forza 4 team that is always looking to add members of all skill levels interested in growing their racing experience beyond the infamous Forza

I Have A Choice To Make

I am getting MHP3rd soon and I am going to patch it. I need to know whether to use the TeamHGG patch or the TeamMaverickOne patch. Also why, to chose one over the other (Easy to install,More Translated, etc.)

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