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The Upper Room

We are a Christian based Ministry with a small group feel. We offer Prayer, support, learning and discussion in an environment that brings focus to Jesus Christ.

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Fauquier Third Upper

For the residents of F3U to play games

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Light Quakes, Wormholes and The Equinox.

Light Quakes, Wormholes and The Equinox.             5 Votes These days are becoming so energetically unpredictable.  For a few hours (especially at night) I feel like I am being thrashed about in the breaking waves of a shore line, and then

Upper back fat/hump and hair loss

A female friend of mine has diffused hair loss, for a very long time. Her cortisol levels are elevated, she has many subtle symptoms such as facial hair, issues loosing weight easily, lack of energy, sleep issues, and the main one hair loss. Her upper


1. Engagement of an institution, preferably a local research institution, to carry out the following: a. Watershed characterization and vulnerability assessment b. Updating (Validation of) AECOM Findings c. Preparatio

Rehabilitation of Upper Marikina River Basin Protected Landscape

Rehabilitation/restoration of denuded areas through Vegetative measures 1.Estblishment of Plantation(site preparationw/in Tayabasan Subwatershed)-120.00 has. ABC- 100,000.000 2.Construction of checkdamw/in Tayabasan Watershed - 400 cu.m. ABC=

Najaf: the vote on the expansion of the upper threshold, cleared in two phases

Najaf: the vote on the expansion of the upper threshold, cleared in two phases Thursday, 01 March / March 2012 09:54 Najaf {: News} Euphrates Council voted majority province of Najaf to complete expansion of the upper threshold pure phases. Th

Line from Upper Mars to Apollo

I have in both my hands a line from Upper Mars to the Mount of Apollo: what could it mean? In my left hand, the line is unbroken, whereas in the right it is broken. I also have a success line otherwise in both hands, starting from the Plain of Mars, if

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