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Free forum : Forum ini terbuka buat semua mahasiswa ITB 2004 dari jurusan A ampe Z (untuk yang ingin gabung, sebutkan nama NIM dan asal jurusan ya), oke deh, sebutin satu-satu yah, Matematika, Fisika,

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PAS 3X power transformer

How can I check the power transformer for proper operation? I took apart my preamp a few years ago to try to rebuild from scratch mostly. I started to put it together and then put it away. I got it out the other day to resume the project. I got new

Sailor Saturn Dedication Thread

Hotaru Tomoe Sailor Saturn image from: wikipedia Sailor Saturn also known as the Solider of Silence made her appearance in the Infinity arch of the manga and in S in the anime. Her civilian identity is Hotaru Tomoe and she is portray a

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