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A community for radio controlled 1/8th scale offroad nitro enthusiasts in Dubai

#nitro, #offroad, #dubai, #road, #radio, #control, #1/8th, #scale, #enthusiasts, #buggy, #truggy, #dirt


dubai rc

#dubai, #dhabi, #drift

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TB: Saras leaves for Dubai in Saraswatichandra!

Saras leaves for Dubai in Saraswatichandra! Even as Saras decides to leave for Dubai with his family, Kumud has a confession for him... Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Saraswatichandra is set to include a lot of drama as well as some light moments


RJ: Main aur Mr. Right, am I Right? BS: Uh yeah, the one that’s going to be coming out in July, its called Main aur Mr. Right, and hopefully it should be coming out in July. RJ: Are you going to be playing Mr. Right? Because a lot of women in Dubai,

Newbie from Dubai:)

Hello everyone!!! This is Nina, I'm from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Ive always been interested in face painting and have been painting my kids faces for quite a few years now. I am planning to make it a business soon. We only have snazaroo products in

Let's Play Europe Universalis III: Picking our Poison

Update #1 Update #2 Update #3 Europe Universalis III is (obviously) the third in the EU series of Paradox's historical grand strategy games. It covers the end of the Middle Ages and the entirety of the early modern period - 1399-1821, or over 400

George Reported to Be on a Yacht in Dubai with Amal

Seems like Mr.Clooney is/was in Dubai meeting the parents of Ms.Alamuddin. Or at least her father and her siblings, because her mother stayed in London. Can be true or maybe not. (don't shoot the messenger    ) Link for the article enclosed. No actual

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