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Dreaming Eternity Studio

The official forum site for DES

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4x4 Fantasy

Free forum : Talk about diesels, modifications, what does and does not work, HERE! Stop dreaming, start building!

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Chex and Ruffles: Confident Swellow and Undead Dreaming Braviary [inactive]

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Have you ever had a dream about Vore?

I only slightly regret making this topic. Uck

Dreams of Slenderman , is it meaningful ?

I have been encountering Slenderman in my dreams now . As well for my other friend . Slenderman would drag me away , stare at me . Then lately while I was taking a jog this evening , my phone started malfunctioning followed by nausea while in complete

Amanda Mcbroom Xrcd(used)Sold

Legendary jazz diva excellent xrcd2 manufactured by JVC victor company of japan. Regarded as one of the must have cd for audiophile. Selling Rm 110. Call 0125579810

Telly Tadka -Asad and Zoya dream sequence

Disciples of the dreaming sun

Presently I have been modeling a possessed warband for a local coreheim tournament at the hobbies store. deciding to go with possessed as the conversion work would prove to be interesting. I haven't gotten around to painting any of late as I have been

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