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Vulcanised Tyres and Powder Coating

Hi All, Here's some feedback on Vulcanising and Powder Coating: I have had my kids 2" Burrell Front and Rear Wheels back from the Vulcanising people and the results are a disaster! (It was an experiment though so not really complaining) I ca

Stencil making?

I am needing a stencil for a few sports teams, some tire tracks, and a few other things. I am thinking that I would like to make them myself, but I am not sure what to use to make them with. I have found the sticker stencils for glitter tattoos for the

SCX10 tyre and wheel question

Just to want to know if crawler or trailer wheel is all universal? Interested in the scale tyre and wheel from RC4WD. Mud Plugger 1.9 Scale Tires with the wheel. Can it fit on the SCX10? Am getting the D90 body from bro Slow on the group purchase. The

MOC - Michelin Tyre Dealer

Okay, so this is a simple one, air compressor unit across the way, wheel balance machine and tyre racks......oh, and don't tick the girl mechanic off there....she knows how to use a spanner ! Comments welcome and Brick On !

Crazy explosion...

Not too far from where I work....we thought a bus drove into the shop when it went off.... There is video on the 22 news website...

Rear mudflag modification?

What has anyone done to keep the rear mudflaps on the truck? I just tore off another one today. That makes 3 this season for me. I think I am getting ready to fab up some removeable mudflaps. Of course I will not remember to remove them and tear them


Hi Dean/Steve, It was mentioned to me by another STW customer that the new wheels you supply are already vulcanised. Can you confirm this rumour? I would be interested anyway as the shear weight of the RL will surely cause them to strip quite

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