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I'm not sure how many people are even intrested in Islam, since 9/11 occured. I'm not even sure if anyone will like what I have to say on it. But as a convert to Islam, I thought I would do my best to expel myths regarding the religion of 1.7 billion

Voyager rack

For sale up my way, seems like a great price, I may buy it, not sure yet. Anybody else want it?

Hi Everyone, I am from Bandar Tasik Puteri

Hi Everyone,I am new to birds & photography...There are lots of birds in Bandar Tasik Puteri, Kundang, Rawang.There is a colony of Black Crowned Night Heron here in the wetlands and swamp area just beside the road.Come and see for

KiraFreedom's Gunpla Hanger

Hi everyone!!This will be my post for my completed Gunpla models. Please do not laugh at my paint jobs as I am not very good at it, it's more like showing my collection. XDHere are some of my completed projects that i Post on my Facebook.

Help! I need a sealer!

Does anyone use a sealer over/under paint for hot/wet weather? If you do please let me know asap, I have a gig tomorrow and it might be worth my while if I can advertise smudgeproof painting - its going to rain!! I have considered Ben Nye final seal

How To: Felt Raincloud Brooch

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