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Free forum : Flick Fishing

Free forum : This is a forum where you can learn all you need to know about flick fihing. From secret fish to tournaments and trophies

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Mature PS3 Gamers

Want a forum to chat and game with like minded mature gamers on the Sony Playstation PS3 platform then this is the place for you. Inside this forum you will also find the best place to find trophy

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Turkish Trophies Cigarette Box FS (L1, S81, T3) PRICE DROP

Recently upgraded the one in my collection. This one is in very good condition with a complete 1901 tax stamp on the reverse. Faint overprint but unable to see exaxt year. The spine of the clamshell pack is 100% in tact. It's hard to find Turkish Trophies

Old trophies, memorabilia

Posted on behalf of Rich Masterson ************************************************************************ Hi, I have in my parents loft a couple of boxes of trophies that I collected from my younger years of watching. They mostly include some off

Trophies as part of your display? -RANT

So what is up with car guys taking trophies from past shows with them to shows and putting them in and around their car? Who started this? I have been showing cars for 20 years and it has never made sense to me. If your car is so nice that it wins


Didn't see a thread and I just had a look to see if the achievements are up. A lot of fun ones there. And also a lot of

Donating Trophies

For those that were ever wondering about donating your trophies to an organization or something. Special Olympics doesn't use trophies anymore, they switched to medals and ribbions. After my wife did some research she tracked it down to our local

What to do with old Trophies.

Hi all, I've recently been asked by the family of a recently passed away oval driver, what can they do with all his old trophies. The next of kin are picking out those they wish to keep, but the rest, which I gather extend into hundreds, they simply no

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