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Pips Troops.

Pips Troops

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Free forum : The Allied Robloxian Troops Blog

Free forum : Roblox's Allied Robloxian Troops Blog.

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Free forum : Ikariam's Pirates

Free forum : Professional Raider Troops of Ikariam

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Remains of 274 Troops Reportedly Dumped in Virginia Landfill

Politics Remains of 274 Troops Reportedly Dumped in Virginia Landfill Published December 08, 2011 | Associated Press WASHINGTON -- A published report says the remains of many more U.S. troops have been dumped in a landfill than the military

Muslims take revenge for stationing of British troops in muslim countries

Another Thank you for 2008's Care Package to the Troops

I received a letter today from a SGT Jennifer Smart from FOB Kalsu. It was mailed on the 18th of January and just got here today. She was one of the people who's address I was given by the lady that we sent all the boxes to last year in Iraq. In the

UK Troops Cleared Of Killing Iraqi Civilians - All Lies

21st March 2014 Sickening claims that British troops executed innocent Iraqis in cold blood were sensationally dropped at a war crimes inquiry yesterday. After a year-long inquiry costing taxpayers £22million, the case fell apart when relatives

Christmas: Remember the Troops & the Holocaust!

TV full of PSA's & news bits with military personnel sending video messages to families...'cause Jesus wanted folks to kill brown people for London/Wall St/Israel. WaPo does numerous articles claiming Jews turn out by the hundreds to make meals & serve

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