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Anime/manga Convention updates, video game info, scifi/fantasy trivia, tabletop gaming, and all things Japanese!

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Free forum : ChatZone

Free forum : Welcome to a Friendly Forum for #Chat_Zone's. [Chat/Trivia Room] This will also list updated scores/results.

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Zulu (Film) Trivia.

Zulu portrays which famous action? 1) The Battle of Omdurman 2) The Battle of Isandhlwana 3) The Defence of Rorke's Drift 4) The Siege of Khartoum In 'Zulu' the reporting of more than one disaster in a day upsets who at breakfast? 1) Horse

Fleur DeLille's History (WIP)

History/Story History: Prologue Mariha met Faye's father a blind celestial mage within Rose Garden. Mariha fell for him and they began dating. Soon they became boyfriend and girlfriend then traveled around the world together. One day, they went to

How about...a PJO trivia?

Just a suggestion: A weekly trivia for the PJO. The admin think of some trivia questions(really tricky ones) like 10 questions per week. Then, people can pm the answers to the admin or person-in-charge. The first 5 (or 3?) members who get the most

So, I just read this on the trivia section of Nolan North's IMDb page...

"He almost became Wayne Allwine's successor as the voice of Mickey Mouse, but the Disney company felt it would be best to use a Disney staff member." -- IMDb Trivia: Nolan North Am I the only one who kind of wants to see that?

Trivia Night at the Royal Oak - Date Changed

It is my pleasure to announce the first Trivia Night at the Royal Oak! When: Sunday 2/12 at 7PM EST (Midnight UTC) Basic Rules: The specific rules will be explained that night but some of the basic rules are... Contestants will be divided into

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