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Clan forum for Trigger Happy Misfits

Clan forum for Trigger Happy Misfits

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Free forum : Trigger Happy Clan

Free forum : Trigger Happy Clan Website. Free forum : Trigger Happy Clan

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Trigger Finger's of God

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Super Skarmory's Forum

Welcome to my forums, a great place to hang out with other SS fans. Enjoy

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When to trigger?

I bought a breeding pair of albino long fins about a month ago which breed a week before i got them. Now i have fattened her up to the piont where she looks like she is going to explode, but from underneath it doesnt look like she is holding eggs. So what

Optional trigger vs compulsory trigger

Q when shura attacks sangan and it sends to the graveyard is it still shura(turn player) c1 and sangan c2?

Installing 12v amp trigger

Well i know this is the Dynaco forum but i thought i might get some input on a new amp project. I just bought a Son Of Ampzilla stereo amp to drive my two subs and would like to be able to turn it on and off via my Outlaw 990 Preamp. It seems to me that

Vanguard Trigger Questions

Erm i was wondering how to decide what triggers to put in a deck, cos according to wikia only triggers that are the same clan as your vanguard can be activated. But when i saw people playing multi-clan decks, they used triggers that are from a different

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