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Hey, I need some help building an Obelisk-dragon deck. The idea is to get a crapload of ss so it would be easy to summon obelisk. + trying to summon obelisk by tributing hardened armed dragon to make an invincible obelisk. some staples I can think

Obelisk Quickdraw

Monsters: 21 2x Obelisk The Tormentor 2x Quickdraw Synchron 1x Level Eater 1x Sangan 1x Gorz 1x Card Trooper 1x Plaguespreader Zombie 2x Dandylion 3x Ryko 2x Super-Nimble 2x Lonefire Blossom 1x Tyttanial 1x Caius Spells: 12 1x Gian

Hall of the Obelisk

Well guys, here I'll be announcing tournaments, and posting important info for the dorm. Aswell of the Results of the Obelisk Live Tournaments. New Obelisk Ham: DA Obelisk ham pass: obelisk

How to get into obelisk blue

This is a second way to get into obelisk blue that i thought of and i need to know what you guys think. the way it works is you must reach a certain win-lose record. such as 50-3 50-5 100-10 etc. (number has not yet been determined) and when/if you reac

Obelisk Blue Leader Exam Lesson: How To Pick Good Tech cards

Sup peoples Lucky here! Today imma tell you guys about good tech cards and what tech cards you might want to use in your deck 1. Tech Cards What a tech card is a card what people put in different decks to add consistency, help fight certain

Newest registered user is obelisk

How is a new register user an Obelisk they said evry one has to start at slifer so how is he obelisk are they giving dueling test to rank u now? Or something or is it just a friend of some admin and he just added the player to obelisk? Anyway plz answer

Obelisk Homework Assignment #4

Obelisk Homework Assignment #4 Hellow again, JD here, comming with HW for you people. Introduction In this Homework, you will be talking about cards that stop this meta's decks. Not Side Deck cards, but cards for Main Deck. Assignment Okay, as

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