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Free forum : Tales of The Familiar

free forum : Forum for two authors to write and share thier stories on.

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Yugioh Balkan

yugioh trejd

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Anyone familiar with the 1950s Admiral TV combos?

Is anyone familiar with the early 1950s Admiral TV on one side radio/phono on the other side? There is someone who is local to me that has one. It is a blonde cabinet and similar to this. The case has been painted and the TV is probably shot.

Familiar Upgrades

I see that there is an option to upgrade familiars to Combat, Power, or Spell Familiars. The question I have is; when is this done? Do you have the option of upgrading a familiar at some point after you acquire a familiar?Or do you have to announce

"Monster Familiar" Thread

Post some of your monsters finding here.I'm curious what your monster have foundĀ for you.My results from sending my Lv. 50 AntiopeOriginally 72 hours to return.I used 3 POTs(P)She came back with 10000 Lunas, 1 SmallIce Water, and leveled

Who's familiar with old trucks?

Ive never dealt with old trucks or carb'd motors..So in 02 my father passed away and i got this truck from him, which has been sitting since.its a 1966 GMC pickup 2wd stepside, w/an inline 6 and 3-on-the-tree.Its been sitting for 7 years now,

This gentleman looks REALLY familiar...

This popped up on Facebook:Quote:HOW TO SURVIVE A HEART ATTACK WHEN ALONELet's say it's 6.15pm and you're going home (alone of course),after an unusually hard day on the job. You're really tired, upset and frustrated. Suddenly you start

[Trial] Mina's Trial of Whim - Familiar Trials [June 11th - June 13th]

How Does Mina's Trials of Whim Work?These are quest based trials and not ranked. There are four categories - Easy, Normal, Hard and Inferno. You go to a separate screen and do quests. You need to clear 100% before moving to the next one. Once you

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