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HENRY ("Shelley") HILLIARD - 19 yo (Transgender) - Detroit MI

Detroit Police investigators are searching for a missing transgender teen who has been missing for two weeks.Henry Hilliard, Jr., 19, also known as Shelley or Treasure, was last seen at 1:20 a.m. Oct. 23 in the 900 block Longfellow wearing a silver

Transgender will join Miss England 2012

Jackie Green (formerly known as Jack) is now an official candidate of Miss England 2012 because of the public votes. Jackie, 18 underwent a full gender reassignment at the age of 16, she's the youngest person in Britain to undergo a sex change. The Miss

A Transgender Couple

Arin Andrews and Katie Hill look like your typical teen couple. Andrews, 17, and Hill, 19, both live in Oklahoma and both have a lot in common. One of the main things they have in common is that each is transgender.Katie, 18, spent the first 15 years Year End Special 2012 Year End Special 2012VOTE FOR THE TOP PAGEANT HEADLINE OF 2012(see poll above)Voting period is from December 26, 2012 until January 4, 2013The top headlines of 2012APRIL 2012: A rule change that would allow

Hinduism is what you make of it. You could use it to be progressive or retrograde. It is entirely up to you.

As the Brahmin priests at the Kaashi Vishwanatha temple in Dasarahalli completed all the pre-wedding rituals, it was time for Rohit to tie the mangalsutra. It marked a new beginning not just for Yaana who would be bidding a final goodbye to her life as

Philippines won the Miss International Queen 2012 crown

Kevin Balot of the Philippines won the Miss International Queen 2012 crown in Pattaya, Thailand last November 2nd. Jessika Simoes of Brazil was 1st runner up, while Panvilas Mongkol of Thailand placed 2nd runner up. Miss International Queen is one of the

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