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~Tragedy Void~

A Monster Hunter Tri clan designed to bring about the hidden potentials of hunters.

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...french dirty sludge monsters AGUIRRE on tour...

AGUIRRE "FATALITAS" TOUR 2012 17/02/2012 Liege-belgium@carlolevy 18/02/2012 Scheveningen-nederlands@piraten bar 19/02/2012 Amsterdam-nederlands@Adm 20/02/2012 Aachen-germany 21/02/2012 Wendland - germany 22/02/2012 Hambourg-germany@rote flora

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Sludge bands

Hi. I'm new here. I spend a lot of time on the Christiam Metal Realm. I was wondering if anyone knew of any Christian sludge bands? Thanks.

The 90's Doom, Stoner, Sludge Poll - Pick The Best / Your Favorite

Alright you wanted it, here it is. The 90's poll. I tried to cover all the most well-known bands and a mix of all the styles we talk about here. Have fun.

Sludge Swamp status?

Does anyone have any news concerning the Sludge Swamp? I thought the dot com site was supposed to launch a few days/weeks after the closing of the blog? I see Mari is still writing some reviews over here, and I know that she's still involved with

Your favorite musicals!

I love all things Broadway and musical theatre related...what about everyone else? Got any favorites? Recommendations? Anything you've seen a live production of? I'll make my list of ones I've seen so far: 1)Phantom of the Opera: I think most of us

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