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~Tragedy Void~

A Monster Hunter Tri clan designed to bring about the hidden potentials of hunters.

#~tragedy, #void~, #monster, #hunter, #clan, #designed, #bring, #about, #hidden, #potentials, #hunters

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Tragedy's app

Gaming System(s) You Own:Wii In game name(s):TR4GEDY Username on Site (if Different from In game name):Tragedy (If on Wii) Friend Code: (If on PS3) PSN: (If on 360) Live: How you did you hear about us (IF you were recruited, who recruited

Comedy or Tragedy?

Comedy, of course. But, there's always a time for a good tragedy.

A tragedy about Inception

So I went to the theater to watch the movie Inception, starring Leonado Decaprio. One thing that makes me so sad as if my balls are hit is that after the movie, the traffic was so bad and chaotic, my balls actually hit the taxi's door. It hurts.

Sandy Hook Tragedy

930 this morning a grown man went into a elementary school in a small town in CT and killed 27 ppl, 18 children. It's breaking news, and all over the news channels. This is the worst school shooting in US history. This is another dark day in our history,


TOPGEAR DESTROYS ONE-OFF MAZDA The beautiful Mazda Furai Concept car has suffered a most untimely death at the hands of none other than Top Gear. The magazine was driving the one-off prototype as part of their 20th anniversary issue when the

Unfolding Tragedy

I FINALLY made a Kerli related signature after like forever. Any critiques?

Tragedy at Istanbul SDL Released

Tragedy at Istanbul SDL Released SCREENSHOTS Here's the SDL conversion of John Bucksnort's 11 level Spear set called 'Tragedy at Istanbul'. It was converted by Andy Nonymous. There are some graphics changes and a new title screen too. I did the 1st

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