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Persatuan Peminat Komunikasi Radio Dua-H

Pada tanggal 07 Oktober 2006 detik permulaan sebuah Persatuan Peminat komunikasi Radio Dua-Hala Selangor(PRADAS)diperbincangkan untuk penubuhannya. Pada tanggal 18 Jan 2007, kelulusan Pendaftran telah diterima daripada Pendaftar Pertubuhan yang menge

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Rina AF6 Fan Club

Free forum : Peminat-peminat Mama Rina-. Rina AF6 Fan Club

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TZM Frenzy forum

Laman peminat jentera motor Yamaha TZM 150

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Brand New Minelab ETRAC for sale $1350

Here is a brand new Minelab ETRAC for sale still in the box. Box was opened just for taking the picture only. Includes all paperwork and warranty. My friend's loss is your gain. The price includes ground shipping to continental US only. Insurance is

Tru Trac Unit

Ok, so before i F this thing up, how do i get this damn tru trac out? There is just a big round hole with a piece in it with 5 holes, the middle one is threaded. Do i need a special tool?

Monroe Sensatrac sucks

When I lowered the Fleetwood I installed Monroe Sensatrac shocks up front. When I did the suspension in my Olds 88 the Sensatrac struts were great. In these cars, lowered anyways, they absolutely suck. Floats/bounces like crazy takes forever to recover

DetectorPro GreyGhost Deep Woods Headphones

Very nice headphones. Easy to adjust to fit your head and no exposed metal to rust if it gets wet. Cord is situated just right to hang close to the body and not get tangled in stuff. Really like how they inserted the Limiter and Capability switches

FS: Tesoro Cibola ... Sold!

I have a used Tesoro Cibola with stock coil for sale. Works excellent but has been used. $200 shipped. SOLD!!!

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