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Gourmet Hunt

A roleplay forum based on the Toriko Universe

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Welcome to PeterChaoMS!

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Vulcan Furs [Oblivion & Naraku]

Mission: The forest was overpopulated with nasty creatures whom survived off others using a technique known simply as take-over. They were nasty apes whom had to survive off kidnapping peopl

SPECIAL CHAPTER: One Piece x Toriko

Yep, havent heard of that manga but .. oh well, there ya go, enjoy !!! LINK: WARNING: Dont eat somethin you find on the ground, no matter how devil-fruit-lookish it is .. EVER ! o.o


I just wanted to open a topic to discuss about it as it is one of the few mangas I do read Spoiler:One Piece (obviously), Naruto, Bleach (back to its good ways), Reborn, Fairytail, Hajime no Ippo and Toriko. What do you think of the progress of the

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