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Knights and Barbarians

Knights and Barbarians is a total conversion mod for Age of Empires III and both its expansions that takes Age of Empires III back to the medieval ages.

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Knights & Barbarians Balance Report

Issues for K&B Prologue's First Balance Patch Or; We Know These Are Acting Funny Alright Lords and Ladies, due to a certain in-team logistical lapse and the resulting rush to make up a large backlog of work over the past week, the version of

Knights and Barbarians Updates and Patches

Knights and Barbarians Updates and Patches To make the mod a bit more enjoyable This thread is dedicated only for downloading the latest bugfixes for Knights and Barbarians Prologue. Once enough of these are around, we'll start merging them into

Hasan-e Sabbāh (native)

Hasan-e Sabbāh was founder of Hashashins. He had a small faction with name Ismaili. that we can have a Ismailis natives. they were live in Plateau of Iran. they were wise people who train professional soldiers or better i say professional killers!!!

Happy Anniversary to Pepp and Iliander

Sorry for the topic... HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! It has been 1 years, or more or less, since I met and befriend by Iliander! The first time I saw him, he looks like a noobs that was just played AOE III, but now he is a MONSTER! Yeah, a nostalgia...

K&B Prologue Installation Problems

If you have problems installing K&B Prologue, please post it here.

Download Knights and Barbarians

Download Knights and Barbarians or "bringing the Digital Age to the peasantry" Welcome to the download thread of Knights and Barbarians. From here you will be able to download all Knights and Barbarians versions, as well as any patches,

Age of Empires online

Does anyone signed up for the beta? I have won a key with a photo contest

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