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Tokusatsu Series of Japan/America

Free forum : A forum site dedicated to the Tokusatsu series in Japan. Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, and Metal Heroes. It also includes American Tokusatsu. Power Rangers and Kamen Rider.

#free, #tokusatsu, #series, #japan/america

ReCyclore Ottawa Bicycles

A space for discussion of day to day operations of Recyclore

#recyclore, #ottawa, #bicycles, #space, #discussion, #operations, #http, #//recyclore, #org/

Tenshin Galatic

Bored of Ranger Board? Feeling limited by HJU? Looking for something more from Ranger View? Then by all means stroll on down to a different breed of English Eastern Superhero fansite, us!

#power, #rangers, #sentai, #kamen, #rider, #ultraman, #tokusatsu

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(On Ebay) Cox Bronco Bike Engine!

Little rough but hey, its a Bronco bike engine!

Gundam shops in Taipei

need some help from you bros. Is there any links or info on the gundam/ tokusatsu shops in taipei (taiwan)? Might be making a trip there so want to get some recommendations. Thanks!

Happy Birthday Ivana!

Just realized today's Ivana's birthday. Happy birthday Ivana!!!!

Jawas Sand Crawler

Hi guys, new here. Crawled long time ago.. Recently bitten by the crawler bugs again... Posting one of my crawler previously.. Body shell made from aluminum.. inspired by Starwar Jawas Sand Crawler.. Side view of cockpit and cabin Engine

Motorized bicycles

Hi guys.... hope this is in the right section and suitable for this forum, if not feel free to move it. As i said in my intro, ive recently become interested in the hobby of building motorized bikes, vintage style. I built a couple with the cheap

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