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A Drop Of Prog

A good place to.

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Here you can talk about Games, Program Coding, Emulators, PC Hardware and everything else related to Computer Science.

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The Workshop

For music discussion unhindered by genre-hate.

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Another Prog Band - Farpoint

don't know if anyone else has heard of them. I know we have maybe 3 other prog fans here, so here I go! I just got their lastest album Kindred and its pretty good I really like the song 'Live for Him' avail for sample

Neo Prog bands

Anyone like this genre? I know a lot of 70's prog purists and elitists don't like it. Marillion(probably my favorite band in this genre... and just one of my favorite bands): Twelfth Night(I've seen these guys described as Punk

UG's Top 10 Prog Albums Of All Time

Classic Rock presents Prog

If you're a Prog fan and don't get this magazine, then you need to change that. It's a very cool read with loads of interviews and reviews and a CD sampler with each issue. It covers classic Prog (Genesis, Yes, Tull, etc), newer Prog (Bigelf, Muse, The

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