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Standard Poodle Club

The chat forum for the Standard Poodle Club

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Northern Doodles

For owners of all poodle crossbreeds in the North of England

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Titus killed a tiny poodle

We were at training just now. Titus was tethered to a bench. The Poodle walked towards him and all of a sudden he was on the poodle. I don't know what happened. He never done that before. I dragged him off the poodle and they rush it to the vet. It did no

Benji a Westie X Poodle being fostered by Four Paws Animal Rescue

Benji's thread can be found here Benji Breed: Westie x Poodle Sex: Male Age 10/11yrs Dog Friendly: Yes Cat Friendly Not known Child Friendly TBA Benji came to us following a

Attack of the giant poodle

Okay so there was no attack, just trying to get some views and comments The Husky is Azuki and is Suki's best friend and both girlies. The standard poodle is a male and about a year old so they are all around the same age. Good day at the dog park and

Poodle or Ferret? Long story short: Guy in Argentina buys two "toy poodles". Takes them to the vet and finds out they're actually ferrets on steroids.... How does that even happen?

Item 17 - Brown & Cream Poodle Wool Knitted Blanket

Brown & Cream Poodle Wool knitted Entrelac Pattern Blanket 29" x 30" = 74cm x 76cm With this blanket both sides like just as good. Bids from £3.50 This does look like squares sew together but is knitted all in one, each row of squares is one

Elliott the rescue poodle

Thought I would introduce Elliott who I brought home today, he is a standard poodle (rescue) Poor baby is only 14kgs, got desexed today and was riddled with fleas. The vet also shaved him as he was severly matted. I am feeding him 5x day of chicken mince

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