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Review of MK Group Ltd - do not use!

It all started when we lost our hot water – I say lost but it would come out hot for about 30 secs and then go to mains cold temperature. We got MKGroup Ltd in after the heating engineer supplied by our emergency insurance said that we needed to replac

PRB Electrical & Plumbing Ltd, Hedge End, SO30 2AQ

01489 783420 07730202510, skype username 'paulprb'

Gledhill Specialists in SW London -

Hi Mike Great website - lots of useful advice here for the owners of Gledhill units. We cover SW & Central London and can be contacted on 0844 8400999 at all times or 020 88797372 during office hours. Blatant plug

Pls Pray agh,,,, need serious hlp w/this

Need serious miracle !!! my bathroom cieling was leaking like crazy all of a sudden. like a flood!! agh plumber said thy might need to make whole in the wall. might be pipes etc etc..something to do w/upstairs. (wont bore u w/details) Pls pra

Replacement of Immersion

Hi I need to get both the peak and off peak immersion replaced for my Pulsacoil 2000 boiler. Can someone please let me know if it is easy to replace it on our own or should we get it done by a specialist? Also, any rough ideas on the charges so tha

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